From Voice Actor to eSports Ambassador: Eli Harris Partners with Veteran-Owned True Victory for a Noble Cause

Jessica N. Abraham
9 min readMar 3, 2023
Photo by Jawansa Hall and Blackwater Branding

Eli Harris, award-winning actor and voice actor, recently joined forces with the True Victory clothing and lifestyle brand with the common goal of transforming lives and elevating humanity.

Launched in 2021 by U.S. military veterans, True Victory is a sportswear and streetwear brand dedicated to building everyday champions on and off the field. The company believes that there is power in uniting the world through sports, positive storytelling and serving others. It’s about empowerment — telling the stories of the people who’ve overcome obstacles and the impact they’ve left behind.

According to its website, the company aims to become the world’s most “trusted, inspirational, and generous brand,” emphasizing, “We’re dedicated to the game, the grind, and the globe. But most importantly, we’re dedicated to you.”

As an Army veteran, Harris has always aligned himself with brands that inspire, brands that entertain and brands that have a purpose.

In January, the founder of True Victory reached out to Harris to voice promotional content for his company. But once he became more acquainted with who Harris was as a person, the fact that he was a veteran and his involvement in the video game industry, the founder would begin exploring other avenues for the two to work together — instead of being a voice, Harris would become the voice, and the face, of eSports and gaming.

Honored to join forces with such an inspirational cause, Harris agreed to represent the brand in every way possible and has been seen rocking the latest True Victory gear during his latest interviews, industry conferences and panel discussions.

“Health, both mentally and physically, is important, and that’s what we encourage at True Victory,” states Harris in a recent social media post. “No matter if you’re a celebrity ambassador or the everyday person, each individual is an important pixel that makes up the larger sprite, and that, in itself, is both an honor and a blessing.”

True Victory is the “perfect brand for imperfect people.”



Jessica N. Abraham

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