New Smart Contract Technology, Takyon, Fuels EV and Energy Savings While Growing Clean Energy Infrastructure

Jessica N. Abraham
15 min readFeb 9
Image via AI Energy Solutions Corp.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell addressed disinflation during the February 1 FOMC Press Conference. This, coupled with a February Labor Market Report that shows 517,000 new jobs created and a 3.4% unemployment rate, led to an immediate rally in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. And although many felt the slight pullback over the weekend, many sources expect crypto to continue rallying — if not surge — into the new year.

As such, new tokens will arise with 9,314 active cryptocurrencies on the market and upward of 300 million cryptocurrency users across the globe. This means that finding the right coin could mean massive profits when entering a bull market, especially when that coin serves a purpose and is backed by a utility that shows promise.

Meet Takyon.

Takyon ($TY) is a new energy token that simplifies the payment process and makes charging an electric vehicle a more enjoyable experience. With a total supply of 777,000,000 coins and only 277,000,000 in actual circulation, it’s also set to become a Top 50 token and potential fan favorite of many within the crypto community.

It provides practical incentives as a digital asset and sub-currency mechanism that can weave seamlessly into modern-day society and address global warming. Its implementation opens new possibilities for elective vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that can unlock energy incentives for network participants.

And best of all — there’s absolutely no mining involved. It’s 100% green.

Newsbreak met with Takyon to discuss this new coin and what it means to the future of green energy, and the environmental impact of cryptocurrency as a whole.

The Founders

The CEO of AI Energy Solution Corp (AIES) is the newest unnamed CEO of crypto and the mastermind behind a number of clean energy solutions, including a patented EV charging technology that will soon hit the United States and Canada.

He’s a strong proponent of the blockchain industry and believes it is well overdue for an era of fresh, clean energy — both figuratively and literally speaking. He feels a…

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