Stock Market Volatility Continues: 11 Alternative Investments To Get You Through The FUD

Jessica N. Abraham
15 min readMay 25, 2022
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So, “how about that stock market?”

It’s no secret, the market is highly volatile right now. And, it’s not just the stock market. It’s the economy, gas prices, the real estate market — and even “recession-proof” cryptocurrencies — that has the entire world flipped upside down.

We’re in volatile times, folks. And that’s making it harder on investments.

Sure, “buying the dip” will certainly pay off at a later date, but how long do you have to wait and will those companies go bankrupt in the meantime?

Many Look to Alternative Investments to Offset Pain And Diversify Portfolios

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According to a May 11 article at Reuters, “The S&P 500 (INDEXSP: .SPX), which is widely considered to be the main benchmark for U.S. stock market performance, declined 13.3% through April, the steepest four-month drop to start any year since 1939. The index continues to fall in May and was down 16% year-to-date as of Tuesday’s close, approaching the 20% threshold that some investors consider confirmation of a bear market.”

And while JP Morgan suggests “stocking up” on ETFs in today’s market, there are other ways to get in on the ground floor, collect even greater ROIs and really make a difference.

Undoubtedly, crowdfunding is one of these investments, and StartEngine is just one trading platform keeping investors pleasantly “divided.” It’s perfect for investors because it will withstand the weathering of volatile times with the only catch of how and when you can cash in on an investment.

Prices stay consistent until the end of each funding round, whereas stock prices are updated once fundraising is over — plus, only so many can invest, and there’s a cap to investment. This means low volume minus battling hedge funds and day traders. And a good number of these campaigns include extra shares, benefits and discounts.



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