The Heroes League Game Day Incentivizes Learning Through Shared Experiences And Competitive Game Play

Jessica N. Abraham
10 min readAug 3, 2022


  • Heroes league was designed to ignite a growing interest in technology, business and the skilled trades in students grades Kindergarten through 6th — encouraging them to learn and adopt 21st century skills through mindful gamification.
  • Algorithms in the game calculate certain spaced rehearsal intervals — meaning the platform will grow and evolve at the skill level of each student, personalizing each experience and encouraging students to deep-dive into subject matter.
  • Heroes League Game Day acts as a critical liaison in building a bridge between government, business and community — tearing down walls in communication and allowing parents to have a louder voice in what their children are consuming.
  • The Heroes League platform promotes empirical learning through student empowerment, ultimately becoming a simulator for what the world will look like as the student graduates high school.
  • Large corporations have taken an interest in this platform, because this is their chance to create the ideal candidates, starting in elementary. Through exclusive training, workforce and curriculum development, businesses can play a major hand in the success of each student.
  • Businesses are creating content relevant to business, empowerment and even health and wellness, providing each student with a solid foundation and exposure to new skills.
  • No longer a pilot program, the Heroes League Game Day is entering the final quarter of its most recent statewide competition before officially launching to the rest of the state, October 1, 2022.
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It’s like the Spelling Bee, Geobee and Mathalon combined.

Imagine a platform built to self-motivate our youngest generation — one that encourages them to learn and adopt 21st century skills through mindful gamification.

Now, imagine a platform with the ability to turn the most disadvantaged students into a new league of extraordinary elementary achievers — a platform where they’ll learn life’s most critical skills and are driven towards unshakable social, academic and economic success.



Jessica N. Abraham

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