Wilken, O’Shea TalkAcquisition of HS Pharmaceuticals And What It Means For The Future Of XCRT (via SmallCapVoice)

Jessica N. Abraham
3 min readJun 24, 2022

May 2022 Interview between HS Pharmaceuticals, Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC: XCRT) and Stuart Smith of SmallCapVoice.com

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CEO Mike of O’Shea of Xcelerate, Inc., a development stage startup focused on the development of cutting-edge medtech applications, met with SmallCapVoice.com to discuss the recent appointment of a new board member and the acquisition of a rather sizeable patent portfolio.

This acquisition expands upon Xcelerate’s mission of acquiring innovation in the engineering and patent stages of production for further development and commercialization within the medical industry.

O’Shea was joined by Jon Wilken, president and CEO of HS Pharmaceuticals, LLC. They opened up about his new role as an advisory board member for Xcelerate and what has led up to the acquisition to this point.

Wilken spent more than 30 years in the supermarket retail industry before leaving the business in 2002. He also spent more than 10 years teaching entrepreneurial leadership at Clemson University. Venturing into the biopharmaceuticals industry, he then left academia and accepted the role as CEO and president of HS Pharmaceuticals, where he led the charge in the discovery of many early-stage drugs and immunotherapies.

As CEO of HS Pharmaceuticals, Wilken would focus on innovative and breakthrough treatments for chronic wounds and conditions that affect the human body on a molecular level, creating dermatological products for chronic wounds, burns, and drug-resistant infections, as well as patented formulas for some of the most game-changing cosmetics and beauty products on the market.

Throughout the years, the company would also focus on oncology, autoimmune therapies, cancer treatment and bone regeneration for both man and animal — many of which would be developed in collaboration with scientists at the Lakehead and Cambridge Universities.

In a previous press release, O’Shea stated that “HS Pharmaceuticals has been shepherding these patents for the last 10+ years in conjunction with world-renowned scientists and universities, and we are excited to take this amazing intellectual property to the next…

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